Safe Services

Safe Installing

Safe installing is another area of maintenance and service that we excel in. We have experience with the most common safe models as well as rarer ones too. We can provide insight into the best place to put them for maximum security and can even integrate your new safe into an access control system. When you call Williamsburg Locksmith, you can rest assured that the professional we send to you is an expert at safe installing.

Wall- Safe installing in a wall allows you to conceal it completely.
Timed- Safe installing with a timer as an added feature can give police extra time to respond.
Vault- For some businesses a vault is the ideal approach to safe installing.
Floor- Either in or on the floor are both popular methods of safe installing.

Safe Opening

Safe opening is something that most people do not even consider until they confront a locked safe with no way to open it. Since it takes a specially trained locksmith to gain access to many models, it can turn into a real headache. There is no need to worry, though. At Williamsburg Locksmith, certified technicians are well versed in getting into the most advanced of modern units and are unmatched in their safe opening abilities.

Drilling- Sometimes safe opening requires drilling and a digital scope to see what is going on inside.
Prying- Safe opening, when it comes to older safes, might only requires us to pry it open.
Cutting- Cutting may be the only option for safe opening for high-end models.
Cracking- Trade secrets exist that allow for less destructive safe opening.
Safe Installing